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1st Saudi Pre-Residency Prime 2020


In the field of medical training, the trainees need confidence, ambition and motivation to increase the chances of benefiting from clinical practice and training by medical experts in various health specialties. This is achieved through the appropriate qualification of in-training physicians and their acquisition of basic skills in education, training and practice.

First Pre-Residency Prime PRP 2020 is a creative and ambitious program that aims to ensure the successful launch of in-training residents admitted to various medical residency programs in the Kingdom and provide them with basic training skills, patient treatment, work environment, communication with colleagues, and strategies for developing the profession and well-being to ensure the benefit from the various stages of training and provide the optimal healthcare based on the latest updated evidence.

This program includes 46 virtual and training sessions concerned with the skills of clinical examination, medical triages for emergency cases, clinical approaches of most common medical diseases, skills of analyzing and interpretation of diagnostic investigations and images, communication skills, principles of health quality, patient safety and medical insurance, In addition to virtual meetings between attendees residents and program directors in various Saudi medical residency programs to highlight the program road-map, requirements, challenges and provide them the required support, guidance and appropriate recommendations.

We ask God that this program achieve the ultimate goal of qualifying a new generation of in-training doctors who will contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s health vision 2030.


1st Saudi PRP is an orientation to medical training and clinical practice in Saudi Residency Programs, and designed to enhance skills and knowledge to facilitate a successful transition to residency training program

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1st Saudi Pre-Residency Prime 2020

1st Saudi Pre-Residency Prime 2020

SAR 975

تخفيض خاص بمناسبة اليوم الوطني

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